Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Give your team the tools they need to build a respectful company culture and stay compliant with new state mandates.
All from within your SDP Connect Portal!

Sexual harassment affects your entire organization. Unaddressed, it can lead to:

  • Employee emotional distress
  • Decreased performance
  • Expensive lawsuits


Our training program helps reduce your risk and expense from harassment in the workplace.


All while keeping you compliant with state mandates!

Included With Your Program
  • Training plan, videos, and quizzes to check for understanding
  • Module in SDP Connect for program administration and tracking
  • Certificates of completion, workflows, and alerts
  • Compliance with requirements in all 50 states
  • Guidance to create and maintain a positive work environment
Participants Who Complete Training Will:


Gain a clear understanding of what sexual harassment really is.


Recognize situations that would be legally considered harassment.


Know who is protected from sexual harassment under federal and state law.


Understand who is liable for sexual harassment under federal and state law.


Be equipped to prevent harassment in the workplace before it happens.


Know what resources are available if an employee experiences harassment.

Learning Management Module
  • Mass enroll employees in seconds
  • Notify your team when it's time to start their program
  • Slide-by-slide format for simplified progress tracking
  • Option to save and return later so users can take breaks and work at their own pace
  • Interactive quizzes to test understanding
State-Mandated Training

With 54% of all workers experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace, many states have responded with harassment prevention training mandates.


Our program meets training requirements in all 50 states to make compliance a breeze. Learn more about your state's requirements below.

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